200 Hr Hatha Yoga 

Teacher Training

What is This TraininG about?

This 3 months course is lead by our Lead Instructors, Jatta Tjurin & Danielle Bailey. The course introduces the different aspects of yoga that include code of conduct, the importance of breath, the physical practice and usage of props, concentration and meditation, yoga as a healing modality and therapy, yoga philosophy amongst other things.


what is the structure of the course?

This course will run over 12 weekends starting 18th September 2020 (8am-5pm Fridays & Saturdays)


what does the course cover?

  • Yoga philosophy (history of yoga, intro of 6 hindu philosophies, Yoga sutras, Hatha yoga pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad)

  • Anatomy and physiology (general understanding of human organism, focus on nervous, musculoskeletal and respiratory system, role of immunity, benefits of yoga practice and contraindications)

  • Asana, alignment and adjustments (hatha yoga postures with modifications, Sanskrit terminology, benefits and contraindications of asana, mudras and bandhas)

  • Pranayama; the science of breath (Breath is a medium to realize the self, different pranayama techniques and Kriyas, breath regulation for stress, practice of kumbhaka; breath retention)

  • Mantra and chanting (OM, gayatri, shanti mantra, Ganesh invocation, Patanjali Mantra, Sahana Vavatu, purnamidam)

  • Meditation (Samyama (dharana, dhyana and samadhi), exploring trataka, vipassana and yoga Nidra) Mindfulness and Sound Healing.

  • Teaching methodology (Teacher ethics, class management, demonstrations, adjustments and corrections, alignment)

  • Art of sequencing (sequence by theme and by building up to an asana)

Is this training for you?

Yoga House teachers training course is for students who have a solid practice of over 1 year and would like to expand their knowledge/or become a professional yoga teacher.


This course is for someone who would like to:

  • Make a commitment to keep learning and evolving on the path of yoga

  • Delve deeper into yoga asana ,philosophy, pranayama and meditation  

  • Learn anatomy and how it is applied in the asana practice

  • Learn how to conduct a class and the art of sequencing

  • Understand that to teach one must develop a solid daily practice

  • Share yoga from your experience in your own practice. 


  • September:          18th - 19th          25th - 26th

  • October:               2nd - 3rd          9th - 10th            16th - 17th              23rd - 24th          30th - 31st

  • November:           6th - 7th              13th - 14th           20th - 21st          27th - 28th

  • December:           4th - 5th


Yoga House Studio in The Greens, Dubai

What about the Certification?

This 200 HR Teacher Training is certified by the Yoga Alliance.

How much?

11,880 AED. Installment plan available over 3 months.

any Early Bird Discounts?

10,880 AED on bookings made by 1st of September 2020. An installment plan is available for payment to be made over 3 months


Training includes:

  • Lecture Hours

  • Manual (Soft Copy)

  • Examination 

  • 20hr Anatomy Course Online

  • 25% discount on 3 Months Unlimited Membership at Yoga House studios (offer valid for 6 months from training start date)

  • 10% discount on Yoga House Workshops  (Valid for 12 months)

  • Opportunity to assist in teaching at one of the Yoga House studios after successful graduation.

  • Opportunity to hold a community class at one of the Yoga House studios after successful graduation.

Do you have any questions? would you like to meet the teachers?

Are you interested in following your passion and becoming a yoga teacher? Come and visit Yoga House and see why our 200 hour teachers training course will not only give you the knowledge you require to teach with confidence but will help positively enhance your lifestyle and overall well-being. This is a chance to take part in a life changing experience that can give you the tools you need to be a dedicated practitioner and rewarding teacher. 

During the event you will be able to talk to the teachers Jatta and Danielle about what makes the Yoga House training an excellent place to begin your teaching career, find out about the professional path we offer and take part in asking any questions that will help you to make the right decision. 


You are welcome to bring a friend/family but you only need to register the person interested in teacher training.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Refreshments will be provided along with a 30 minute sound Meditation at the end.


When? Saturday 15th August, 12:30pm

Where? Yoga House, The Greens Studio

How much? Free admission

To sign up for the Teacher Training Course:

For any queries please, contact using link click below or send us an email to info@yogahouse.ae

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